PHC Northwest: Beyond Limitations

For over 60 years Portland Habilitation Center Northwest has been proud to offer broad-based educational training and job opportunities to countless individuals with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. An industry leader with dynamic and forward-thinking goals, PHC Northwest offers diversified business lines that provide employees with technical skills that can earn them a living wage to pay taxes, live independently, and raise families. PHC Northwest is firmly committed to community and environmental stewardship in the form of affordable housing programs, training and employment.

Our theme, “Beyond Limitations,” embodies not only assisting individuals to overcome societally imposed limitations, but also continuously improving work performance and delivering value to our customers. Our constant improvements are anchored in high quality standards and on-going training, unsubsidized by the government and always free to trainees.

We believe that going green is more than just a fad. In the 90’s, our Janitorial Services team led the industry with green product testing and usage. Today, our manufacturing facility hosts the largest single-roof solar-power array in the Pacific Northwest. When operating at full capacity, the 860,000 kW array generates enough clean energy to power 72 average Oregon households. Click HERE to read more about PHC Northwest's green initiatives.

PHC Northwest serves individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Many non-profit organizations assist workers with only certain types of disabilities and often rely on case management fees from families and agencies to fund their work. At PHC Northwest, independent contracts in janitorial, landscaping, clerical, industrial and manufacturing services allow employees to find a niche, regardless of their disability.

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