Employee Stories: Sabrina VanRiette

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Sabrina VanRiette doesn’t let the cold winters dampen her mood. She embraces the chilly weather by sporting a homemade, knit blue hat to work.

“I like working with my co-workers,” she said. “I like keeping their spirits up, making them happy. We like to laugh, and we don’t get mad at each other if someone says something different or strange.”

Sabrina makes it a point to take notes through out her day to help her remember things like names, dates, projects details and other important things.  Since it is difficult for her to think of several things at once, she has developed this system to help her.

“I like to write,” she said. “I am always writing. I write things I have done and also things I want to remember for the next day. This has helped me a lot. I tell people that all the time.”

She starting working for PHCNW in September of 1984, then left to work for St. Vincent hospital for nine years.  When she returned, she said was happy to see several people, like the president of the company, still at PHCNW.
“I like PHCNW—I don’t want to lose it,” Sabrina said. “I want to hold onto my close relationships. My job keeps me moving. It keeps me busy. It keeps me active.”

Sabrina maintains her competitive edge by timing herself on projects, learning from her supervisor’s example and helping out her co-workers as much as possible. She said a challenge she has had to overcome is being timid.

“If you know that something needs to be said speak out and say it,” said she. “I have gotten myself to do that a lot, and it has helped me get where I am at.”

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