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Landscaping Services

Do your grounds need a makeover? 

As a fully licensed and bonded landscape contracting business [ OR-LCB #6227], PHC Northwest offers full landscape maintenance services to keep your grounds looking beautiful all year.  From traditional services like turf management, skilled pruning, debris removal and irrigation management to large-scale field mowing and brush removal, PHC Northwest will exceed your expectations of commercial landscaping.

PHC Northwest’s landscape enhancement team will create your ideal outdoor space.  By offering common-sense solutions to all your installation needs, PHC Northwest will assist you with water management, planting and plant replacement, turf renovation, irrigation and hardscaping. You can see examples of our work at Clean Water Services in Washington County, Terry Schrunk Park, historic Pioneer Courthouse, and at various parks and properties throughout the Northwest.

For more information, contact PHC Northwest Landscaping Services at (503) 261-1266 or Landscaping@phcnw.com

  • Full Service Maintenance
  • Annual Flower Management
  • Hanging Flower Pot Installation
  • Pruning
  • Mulch Application
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Professional Chemical Application
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Rough Mowing
  • Debris Removal
  • Irrigation Design and Installation
  • Irrigation Management
  • Irrigation Repair and Winterization
  • Turf and Bed Renovation
  • Landscape Design
  • Plant Installation
  • Pressure Washing

We always practice the 4 R's of Greenscaping:

  1. Reduce: Reduce the amount of pesticides that you use. Spot treat areas whenever possible. In most cases, treating your entire property is not necessary, especially when a problem is confined to a small area.
  2. Reuse: Use rain barrels to catch rain water from your roof. Water your plants and gardens with it and reduce your water bill too.
  3. Recycle: Remember to recycle as much as you can. Especially remember to recycle used oil from your landscape equipment.
  4. Re-buy: Re-buying means rethinking your purchasing habits. Look for products that still meet your needs, but are better for the environment. Purchase items made from recycled content, such as recycled decking or planter pots.

Our Landscaping Department would like to provide you with some tips to help keep your landscaping looking amazing throughout the summer months. In the midst of summer, follow these simple steps:

1). Water your lawn in the early morning or after sundown. Make sure that the winds are calm, so that the water is not carried off.
2). If you have fertilized your lawn in the spring, you should fertilize again now. Use a four week fertilizer.
3). Now is the time to prune your hedges (but not Rhododendrons).
4). Dead head (pick off dead flower blooms) perennials and Rhododendrons.

For questions about landscaping and garden issues, consult your local nursery. PHC Landscaping Department wishes you a super summer!

Training at PHC Northwest is conducted through our Beyond Limitations Career School.

Landscape Maintenance – 5 weeks (175 hours)

The program is a comprehensive 5 week course that prepares individuals to be successful landscape technicians. The course begins with an overview of the profession, and then focuses to specific tools of the trade – edgers, mowers, trimmers, tillers, etc. A good portion of the class is spent on tree/flower/shrub planting, weed identification, and preventative maintenance. Most instructional time is spent on the job, working on PHC Northwestlandscape contracts. Students need to prepare to get their hands dirty and work outside in all weather conditions.

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