Employee Stories: Brian Barg

Services: Meet Brian Barg

Brian Barg enjoys working outside while performing a variety of tasks as a landscaping employee for PHCNW: pruning, mowing, leaf removal, etc.

“I am very thankful to have a job,” he said.

Brian Barg deals with compulsive disorder as well as bi-polar disorder.

After serving in the Navy in his youth, Brian worked for a few different industries. He worked for a variety of restaurants, was employed as a window cleaner, as well as a cashier and carpenter.

Brian is proud to be able to say he has been clean and sober for eight years. And as a newly married man, he feels “very blessed.”

He works the day shift Monday through Friday, performing work at a variety of sites in the City of Gresham, at the Department of Environmental Quality and for various group homes.

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